Red Bull Supernatural: A First Look

Our very own Lib-Tech has been a proud sponsor of mastermind snowboard/architect Travis Rice for many years now. Travis and the Red Bull crew just finished off their inaugural Supernatural competition, which takes place inBaldface, BC thanks to the help of Baldface staff and a crew of loggers who helped build the custom backcountry freestyle course. A couple noteable moments during the competition included Mt. Baker’s Lucas Debari scoring the first choice on runs by winning a beacon-finder race, a very daunting method to set the tone of the comp, and Rice’s winning run near the end. Though the complete footage is set to air March 1 on national television, but we tracked down an early edit to ease the wait a bit. Enjoy!

1.      Travis Rice                              91.00
2.      Gigi Rüf                                   84.00
3.      Nicolas Müller                       82.60
4.      John Jackson                         80.60
5.      Lucas Debari                          77.00
6.      Kazuhiro Kokubo                  75.50
7.      Jake Blauvelt                          73.10
8.      David Carrier-Porcheron     69.20
9.      Eero Niemela                         68.90
10.    Devun Walsh                          68.80
11.    Mark Sollors                           68.30
12.    Terje Haakonsen                   68.20
13.    Eric Jackson                           65.80
14.    Mark Carter                           64.70
15.    Mark McMorris                     63.00
16.    Sage Kotsenburg                   62.00
17.    Scotty Lago                             59.40
18.    Mark Landvik                        55.50