Larry’s Powder Alert – January 29, 2015

Powder Alert -Weather Update

Expect dry, sunny weather again on Friday, then partly sunny on Saturday. Sunday and Monday will see a weak/modest storm with 2-6″ of snow and a 5500ft snow level, dropping to 4000ft on Monday. Be cautious of thin spots in the snowpack,

Now, for more incoherent rants from a snow starved powder junkie….

It has been suggested; even saying the word “powder” in this update may be irreverent to the spirit of this notification. Perhaps that is what is tweaking the snow gods.

I wish I had some better news, but it is difficult to find any significant snow patterns on the forecast maps. There is precipitation coming late this weekend, but once again snow level will be a factor for part of the storminess, while the overall total precipitation will be somewhat modest. A meteorologist will say the word precipitation when it can be rain, snow or both.

The problem this winter has not been lack of precipitation; it is really all about the warmth – producing high snow levels. The warmth has come from persistent SW airflow originating in the Pacific. Some of the snowpack measuring sites are getting pretty low and near record levels. This unusual weather pattern is probably a natural variation. Personally, I think the El Niño is weak and not in the game.

Snow comebacks have been somewhat frequent the last few years for the Cascades. That is reason for hope, but no guarantees and we are starting now with a shallow snowpack. There seems to be something stirring on the weather charts betweenFeb 6-9th

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