Locals Know Best: Jacob Krugmire

If you follow the Washington snowboard competition circuit or spend any time up at the Summit at Snoqualmie’s Terrain Parks, then you already know that the Summit cranks out stylish and impressive rippers year after year. A few weeks back we took you behind the scenes with native Austin Hironaka, fresh off his Ride With Us Tour. This week I caught up with Jacob Krugmire, younger brother of Hiro-son and current grom-king at Ski Acres (if they have that…). Here’s what he had to say about the park situation this year and what’s going on in his teenage dream life.

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Let’s hear your thoughts on Snoqualmie… you spend all your time there so there must be something special about it, no?!

Well, I started going there because it was the closest thing available, but now I’m hooked on it. All the homies go there so I can meet up with them every time I ride – it’s always super fun.

What do you think about the half-pipe removal? I know that’s got some people in uprise…

I could care less really. They didn’t have the pipe up last year so it was just a waste of snow – they’re definitely doing way more there this year and the park is so much better than last year. It’s pretty on point right now.

So what did you do all summer? You’re still in camper status up at Hood yes?

I was at Hood literally all Summer long. Stayed in a tent for a while, which was pretty shitty because it was pouring down rain the whole time but then we moved to a house on a golf course and eventually ended up staying up at the Windell’s marketing house – so basically it worked out pretty well. I rode Windell’s and High Cascade all summer.

Did you send a few major moves into the airbag feature?

Hit the airbag once and did a backie but that was it. I don’t really know what I think about that thing yet. Some people like it but I’ve heard some bad stories so…yeah.

You and your buddies have put out some sick edits this past summer – I know we’ve got a new one to show off (above). What’s the plan for this winter?

For sure. Me and my buddy Riley are trying to make some vids this winter – the forecast looks good. I just got back from Tahoe on Christmas Eve and we’re headed to Utah later this season for midwinter break. Park City and Brighton are both on point. Should be epic. I’ve gotta gear up for Banked Slalom this year – got second last year and third the year before so this year I can’t blow it! Just gotta mob. Japmob.

How has the park scene at Qualmie improved your riding throughout the years? You’ve obviously had a lot of support from your brothers and the guys who have come up before you. 

I definitely look up to my brother and Shaw and the other local guys – just today I went into the side/backcountry with them for the first time and it was amazing. Learning to ride trees is next level for me. Even on epic days I usually don’t go because kids my age aren’t riding back there and I wouldn’t hit up those spots without my brother or someone else who knew what they were doing. I almost rode into a hole…it takes a lot of awareness and quick thinking to be back there. Surprisingly I didn’t tomahawk once even though I was riding a 144, so I mark it a success.