P.S. Minds the Road Gap at Baker

The Baker Road Gap. It’s a prestigious feat for most pros and locals alike, though one you might not hear much about due to the hush hush mentality up at Mt. Baker. The Road Gap presents riders with a 60ft. drop over a good slab of concrete and a massing wall of packed snow that rises throughout the season with each dump. With just enough speed, you can stomp a nice step-down into an open field of powder on any quality day of deep – the hard part will be keeping thoughts of coming up short off of your mind while barreling down the approach. If you’re considering making the leap, I suggest watching some locals first and making sure you can point it down major features without brake-checking.

Check out this recent edit of Baker local Pat McCarthy, Nate Lind, Hana Beaman & crew hurling themselves over the gap.