Share The Snow – Bring a Friend Program

Bring a Friend Postcard Front jpgWouldn’t it be fun to get your non-skiing and riding friends to spend time with you on the snow? How about family members who have said they’d like to learn, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Bring a Friend runs from December 1-March 13th, 2013 at our Washington state resorts and we’d love to have you bring your friends and family to visit!

Bring a Friend is a way for you to share your love of skiing and snowboarding with others by helping them sign up for lessons from professional instructors. If you are a newcomer yourself, bring someone along to take lessons with you.

And there are some cool prizes available – check them out and sign up for the Bring a Friend Challenge.

Photo and logoCheck out lesson details from our Washington state resorts, get your lessons scheduled, and then watch the magic happen as your friends and family discover how much fun skiing and riding really is!