Larry’s Powder Alert – January 21, 2015

Powder Alert -Weather Update

Close your eyes on Friday, cause it ain’t gonna be pretty with the high snow levels. We just can’t catch a break. What happened, did someone anger the weather gods? Perhaps we need a sacrifice of some sort. Any volunteers? Maybe we can appease without bodily harm. At least the Seahawk vibe is going well.

A warm front with high snow levels (above 7000ft) is coming our way with rain. Expect

1-2″ of rainfall in the Cascades from Friday morning until Saturday. The front will move northward on Saturday, with high snow levels persisting, but the heavy rain ending, turning to showers, mainly north Cascades.

By Sunday, and into Tuesday, it will be dry with mild spring-like conditions. Sunday will be pretty nice, but no new snow. There is a weak weather system late Tuesday into Wednesday for a few showers. However, the extend weather pattern is not conducive to abundant snowfall.

Faithfully yours,
Write soon and a lot
The Grand Poobah of Powder