The Summit

Last Updated: Friday 22nd of May 2015 03:39:09 PM
24 HR SNOW: 0
48 HR SNOW: 0
TEMP: 57°
We are now officially closed for the 2014-2015 season. It's time to put the lackluster year behind us, enjoy the beautiful summer activities we all love and start looking forward to a better winter for the entire PNW in 15/16! Summit Passholders get Massive Discounts on 2015/16 Passes: Preferred Pricing gives Summit passholders 80% off next year's pass, read the announcement now. Remember, season passholders get access to Boyne sister resorts in other regions. So click here for more information! Summit SnowSports School Lesson Program Rollovers: If you participated in one of our lesson programs, click here now. Live Comments While we are closed, the total snow depth at mid-mountain (4350ft) will be used for Alpental's top depth in the snow data above. Our snow plot at mid-mountain is an NWAC telemetry station that is updated electronically every hour. The snow plot at the top requires human observation, and is not electronic. Since patrol is not checking the top snow plot daily, the mid-mountain snow plot will offer more timely (but lower depth) snow total updates.